Flight Instruction

At AGR we provide flight instruction for actual and potential holders of FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) licenses. We can provide flight instruction for the private pilot’s license, instrument rating and the commercial pilot’s licence. We provide instrument proficiency checks and flight reviews. We also provide check-outs on our airplanes and familiarization flights for the area. We organize flight instruction trips where we take our students on longer international flights, as to get them familiar with the different regulations and practices in aviation throughout Europe. Contact our instructors for more information at: cfi@agr.nl.

For non-US citizens, approval of by the TSA (Transport Safety Authority) of the student for initial training for both the private pilot license and the instrument rating is required. We can help you to obtain this approval. After approval of the non-US citizen student by the TSA (Transport Safety Authority) the training can start. This approval process may take a while so you may want to apply early. You also may want to check out www.AOPA.org for more information about this regulation.